May 12, 2010

A hundred years of down home

A favorite form of nostalgia for Daniel and me is listening to country music from the 80's. Surprisingly, I grew up listening to country music every day of my northern life.  "Born Country," by Alabama, is one of our mutual favorites.  As a kid, I loved to croon out the line, "I've got a hundred years of down home, runnin' through my blood," even though my blood contains only midwestern suburb.  Something about country music rings true for anyone with a heart, in my opinion.

As I basked in the sun on my parents' pool deck with my Walkman, listening to Hank Williams Jr., The Judds, Travis Tritt, Sawyer Brown, and Alan Jackson, I dreamt of someday marrying a real southern country boy.  Da'gummit if that isn't exactly what I did.  And now, we are breeding southern country boys.  Our sons, who have been born all over the place and lived all over the place, are somehow growing into southern-style young gentlemen.

I guess it's in their blood.