May 26, 2010

They sure go togetherrrrr

Today is the 26th of May, which happens to be our 8th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to us!

While I was inside Paul's Bakery buying donuts, Daniel sat in the car with the kids, beneath an increasingly gray and shifting sky, listening to NPR.  Apparently, May 26 was not only the day we were married, but it was also the day that Martin Luther was declared a heretic and his writings were outlawed, Napoleon was crowned king of Italy, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was founded, and Lenny Kravitz, John Wayne, and astronaut Sally Ride were born.

My interest was perked, so I did a little research of my own and discovered that today was also the day that Abraham Lincoln signed an enabling act creating the territory of Montana, which just so happens to be where we went on our honeymoon!  Today was also the day that the San Fransisco Golden Gate Bridge opened, and the day that Star Wars debuted.

But for us, it was a day to stay home with the kids in our pjs, make a donut run, and sit around the kitchen table singing, "Donuts and rain, donuts and rain, they sure go togetherrrrrr" (a little tune the kids made up) while sipping on cold milk and listening to thunder.
Some anniversaries are spent carefully applying paint to toenails and slipping into little black dresses.  On the other hand, some are spent on the couch in comfy T-shirts and uncombed hair.
Some anniversary gifts come in little felt-covered boxes.  On the other hand, some come in the form of a little boys' hands, bent into the shape of a heart.