May 27, 2010

Love letter

It is the day after our 8th anniversary, and I am going to write something sappy to my man.  Those of you who are squeamish, beware!
I remember the week that I met you.  At quick glance, you were a well-built, incredibly good-looking guy with tousled hair and a scruffy face.  Digging a little further, you were a task-oriented, talented, hilarious, confident, and respectful young Christi@n man with a heart for the lost and a funny way of making people feel at ease.  The night you proposed to me, on that dock beneath the stars in Mississippi, I realized that you know what you want and you go for it.  After becoming your wife, I began to fall more and more in love with you, a process that continues to this day.  When I look at you, I smile.  You do not accessorize.  You choose your words carefully.  You do not offer yourself to just anyone.  You are not easily shaken.  You live in a place that very few people ever find, a place where your heart and your mind are in balance.

I could not admire you more.

All my love forever,