May 12, 2010

Tiny Dancer

Dear Eliana,

This is your Auntie K.  You are the first niece I ever had, and you will always have a special place in my heart.  Your soft brown curls, bounding step, and sparkling blue eyes are impossible to resist.  You do your own thing, that's for sure, but there is nothing wrong with that!  You sing yourself to sleep, and recently have been singing songs from the musical "Cats," which you saw with your mommy and daddy.  You can hold your own with my boys, which is a good skill to have.  You love babies and will be a GREAT big sister in a couple of months.

The other night was your first dance recital.  You did your own thing on stage, which was adorable and admirable at the same time.  All eyes were on you, and the audience just ate you up.  Uncle D took pictures of you beforehand and I will post a few here for you to look at years from now when you are packing your car for college.  Never doubt how much you are loved, or how beautiful you are, or how happy we all are to help you become the woman God made you to be.
And here you were trying to hide from Uncle D and his camera. He got you anyway, and this one is our favorite!