May 21, 2010


Years ago, when we had just one child, we had the bright idea of making Daniel's mother a wooden "charm sign" from which she could hang "charms" (also made by us, cut from wood and painted) with the names of her grandchildren.  That was back when we had more time on our hands than we realized, though our one child would manage to send us to bed each night exhausted.  Now when we have just one of our children in our care for a day, we feel like we are on vacation!  What a breeze.  Anyway, that's beside the point.  The point is, those charms have been adding up over the years, and every time we are back in town it seems that Daniel is hauling out his saw to cut up another piece of wood.  I will have to say, however, that the sign and its charms, with all of its colors and beautiful names representing beautiful children, and all of the love that has gone into making it, is really something to behold.  And I would be lying if I told you that we haven't had lots of fun helping Shari show the world the family that she has been blessed with.  We sure have been blessed to have a grandma like MoMo!!!

I snapped this picture the other day of Daniel and Bright working on the three newest charms, a royal blue shield with "Brave" written in yellow letters, a rich purple flower for Baby Morton, due in July, and a silver shining trumpet with "Jubilee" scrolled across it in metallic pink for our soon-to-be-adopted daughter.