May 03, 2010

Swamp Love

2010 Reunion.

The lodging.
The kids.
The four oldest, commonly referred to as "round one" or "the first generation." Anna Grace, Benjamin, Bright, and Jesse.
The ladies. Our hearts become knitted more tightly together every year. Korrie the Strong and Beautiful, Kayla (me), Candace the Joy who has faith, and Lydia the Great who loves.
The guys. Goobs.

The babies. Brave and Rosemary.
The inside of the lodge, also picturing Clementine's 2nd birthday party. Happy Birthday, little firecracker!
Dancing to the musical talents of Ms. Anne (who may or may not have been slightly crazy).
Playing in the dirt, picturing Zion.
The photography skills of five-year-old Anna Grace, the artistic prodigy (picturing Rosemary with her mother, Korrie).
Canoeing on Caddo Lake amongst the Cyprus trees, picturing Lydia, Bright, Benjamin, and Daniel.
Cooking East Asian cuisine for the crowd (we got an "A" for effort).
The general feel of the weekend.
Sprinkler fun.
The questionable "quote" written in permanent ink on the refrigerator, presumably by the slightly crazy Ms. Anne and her Barry.
The backdrop.
Love like this is not common, and we know that. We consider ourselves severely blessed - all 19 of us (very soon to be 21 of us, with number 22 rolling in shortly).