January 02, 2014

a pleasant dream

Last night I dreamed that Daniel got a new position.  It turned out, he was unmatched in his ability to build and repair the shuttles that went to and from the new International Moon Colony.  I got to go with him on one of his shuttle runs, and I milled around the colony for the afternoon, under a blue sky with wispy clouds (not a scientifically sound dream, I admit).  There I ran into Brad and Angelina and their kids, who were taking a little time away from all the hullabaloo on earth.  I walked the one street, paved in cobblestone brought from earth of course, and perused the small building with windows and siding in which Moon visitors could congregate for coffee and light conversation.  Everything was very quiet on the Moon, and quaint, and it was a very strange feeling indeed to wake up on my own mattress under a pile of covers, in a crowded city with no fresh air to breathe and no time to spare before the kids would be asking for their breakfast.

But it was a pleasant dream, and I had a nice visit while it lasted.