January 26, 2014

He takes care of our every need

There weren't many boys born in 2007, at least not in the circles we run in, over here in East Asia.  Zion plays with boys a year older, and boys a year younger, but nary a one who is exactly his age.  When you're 6, a year makes a big difference.

The exception is my friend Jessica's eldest son, Jordan, who lives in another province.  Jordan and Zion have known each other since before their first birthdays.  We met them in Florida before coming overseas, and every couple of years since we've met up with them on this side of world.  Whenever that happens, Zion and Jordan attach themselves at the hip.  Both boys are kind, obedient, and empathetic.  Honestly, other than our beloved Zekes in Shreveport, and our dear Sam in Kansas City, there isn't another boy on earth with whom Zion clicks better.

And this month, the L0RD surprised us by arranging for Jordan and his family to be at the Juniper Tree at the same time!  There are big changes coming up for this sweet family, and we're not sure when we'll see them again.  But we have a feeling this won't be the last.  G0D has a way of surprising us - and taking care of our ever need.