January 07, 2014

our home away from home away from home

We came here four years ago to have Brave.  We linked up with my parents here two years ago, for them to meet their new granddaughter, Jubilee.  We've come here at other times to tackle medical issues, and we are here this time for Daniel's continuing education.

The Juniper Tree is truly our home away from home away from home.

That's a lot of homes.  And yet, do we Rupps really have a home?  We sure have a home in Heaven.  Oh dear, that makes this our home away from home away from home away from home.


Whatever you want to call it, we love it here.  We love it very much.  Happy January in Chiang Mai to us!
The cabins here are built on stilts, and furnished with donated beds and chairs.  This place is for people who do what we do, and costs about $30 per family per day, with meals and laundry included!
But the kids (except for Jubi) don't eat enough while they're here.  They don't like pad Thai (except for Jubi), and so we feed them lots of bread (and consequently lots of prunes).
The view from our school room window.