January 08, 2014

like superglue

They'll bond to anything.

They'll bond to blankies and teddy bears and the like, of course, but also wads of toilet paper, a thin red string, a worn-out pair of shoes from two winters ago, you name it.  They bond.  It's what kids do.

We figured that out real quick with Jubilee 2 1/2 years ago when she had known me exactly 5 minutes and already wouldn't let me put her down on the floor.  Inside of a few hours she would not let me out of her sight.  I had to take her with me to the bathroom, to refill my coffee, everywhere I went.  She was bonded to me.  Immediately.

Now I admit, it took me a little longer to bond to her.  Adoptive parents-to-be should know that.  Expect it.  I think it's because we're adults, and somehow as we get older we loose our superglue powers.  We become more like paste; the home-made kind, of flour and water.  After a long, long while the bond is set, but not before.

But kids, they are definitely superglue.  We have been at the Juniper Tree what like 4 days now?  Is that all?  Yes, and the kids already have friends they swear are the best friends they've ever had.  Zion's one such friend, the redhead pictured below, is so dear to Zion's heart that Zion can't even remember his name:)  He leaves today for Bangkok, and Zion cried and cried yesterday evening to hear the news.

"My friend...my friend...what's his name again?"  Zion sobbed bitterly.
"Elliot," Daniel supplied.
"Elliot.  My friend Elliot is leaving tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!" 

Oh the heartache.

I guess that's the downside to bonding.  It hurts when the bond is broken.  And maybe that is the reason we adults have turned to paste.

What a pity.