January 25, 2014

The Thai tooth fairy

Zion lost his first tooth!

Well it wasn't exactly lost.  It was yanked out, by a funny Thai madame dentist with a knack for twisting balloons into machine guns.  The patient's two brothers were thrilled with that.

First, Zion is weighed in.  No scale-busting going on here.

Next, Bright explains to Zion, and the doctor, how the procedure works.  Zion is hanging on Bright's every word.  The doctor is wondering who let this kid into the room.

Just when Zion thinks he is ready, the momentum is broken by an oversized fluoride treatment that brings much grimacing.

When that is over, it is time for the yanking.

And the deed is done!

The next morning, there were three, crisp, red, 100-baht bills under his pillow.  That amounts to about $10, which is the going rate in the Rupp household for the very first lost tooth.

Or yanked tooth.

Congratulations, Zion!

(Notice he is once again wearing his St. Patrick's Day shirt.  We pack light for Thailand.)