December 28, 2013

her prince charming

Our car was in the shop.  Again.

I should really note that we don't actually have a car.  We are indefinitely borrowing a tiny red van from an old British doctor who occasionally needs it for trips into the villages.

The van is old and cheaply made.  It goes in the shop a lot.  Yesterday morning we received the call that it was ready for pickup.  Daniel took his Saturday morning bath, and then tried to convince one of his light-saber-wielding sons to accompany him to the shop.  The Padowan Learner said no.  Darth Vader declined.  And Mace Windu turned him down as well.

Dejected, Daniel headed for the door alone.

"Wait," I said.  "Why not take your little princess?"

And there she stood, in a sparkling pink dressup gown, her Saturday morning hair not yet combed, looking up at her daddy with an expression of longing.

"Of course I'll take my little princess," Daniel exclaimed. 

Right away Jubilee went to her shoe-cubby to retrieve her prettiest shoes, and to the coat hooks to retrieve her faux-fur coat, all the while smiling from ear to ear.

"Tell her how beautiful she looks," I mouthed.

He nodded to me, and then opened the door for our daughter and ushered her out into the cold.  As they were leaving, I heard him say, "You are the most beautiful little girl I've ever taken to the mechanic."