December 25, 2013

Christmas morning personality test

Our 12th Christmas tree.
THE SENTIMENTALIST: (Zion) He wants to love each and every gift, because we gave it to him, and because it's Christmas.

THE REALIST: (Bright) If a gift is cool, he responds accordingly.  If not, he responds accordingly.

THE SAVOR-ER: (Daniel) He savors.  Delayed gratification is his game.

THE DRAMA QUEEN: (Me) Everything I ever get is my favorite ever.

THE INTERNALIZER: (Brave) He absorbs.  He takes it all in.  He alone knows what his impressions are.

THE SKEPTIC: (Jubilee) She's not quite sure about all these new things.  Should she trust them?  Should she let them into her life?

So, which one are you?

Merry Christmas from the Rupps!
A new bed for Bay (Jubi's favorite doll).  Jubilee has tastefully hung a candy cane on the headboard.
Nothing like being a 6-year-old at Christmas.
My Mom gives the most thoughtful - and lasting - gifts.  XOXO
The real American Pop Tarts Daniel found in his stocking were thoughtful, too; though maybe not so lasting.
And the best gift of all?  Facetime conversations with family back in the States, of course.  In this pic, Daniel is talking with his sister.  Few people make him smile that big.