December 20, 2013

The girls next door

This fall, three little girls moved in next door.  And by next door, I truly mean next door.
Ours is the door on the right.
Now, when we first found out that our neighbors for the year would be a family of girls (they have one boy, but he is a baby, so of course he doesn't count), we were all a little sad.  Except Jubilee, that is.  But as it turns out, girls make perfect daily playmates for a family of boys, as there is no competition, and lots of learning how to be ladies and gentlemen.  Our new neighbors are a home-school family like us, making home-life beside them fun and easy.  The mom is Russian (she was a teenager when communism fell in her country) and the dad is Hong Kong-American.  They hail most recently from California.  Such an interesting bunch! 

This afternoon, while the sausage balls cook in the oven, Bright and Zion are on the roof with a hand-held magnifying glass belonging to the girls next door. 
This is Emma.  She's the oldest.  A year older than Bright and as mature as me, practically.  Love this girl.
Bright and Emma have bonded; Zion and Emma's little sister Sasha have bonded (not pictured); and Brave and Jubilee have bonded with the littlest girl, Tamara (also not pictured).

Emma and Bright have developed a secret code.  They leave coded notes for each other to find inside the milk boxes and door handles of our shared entryway.  Here you see Bright writing Emma a note.

While they are too young to develop secret codes, Zion and Sasha enjoy making mud cakes on our rooftops, collecting rocks, and gluing leaves and petals to construction paper as gifts for their mommies.  The two of them are particularly friendly (at least they show it more to the adults), and they don't even care to be teased by Bright and Emma for being "love birds."  Zion looks forward to his wedding day - frequently calling it The Best Day Ever - and he doesn't mind at all if that day includes his best friend Sasha:)

Loving the sweet blessing of the girls next door!
Bright, Emma, and Zion.  Bright is trying very hard to smile while still looking cool.  The result is rather awkward.  My almost-tween standing beside his pretty neighbor in her pink coat, while little brother pokes his head into the shot.  Ahh, the magic of childhood.