December 04, 2013

hearts all aglow

Houseguests.  Leftover-turkey pot pie.  Sinus infections.  Inner ear infections.  Shots in the buttocks.  Lentils in the crockpot.  My mom beating me at Words With Friends from across the world.  Pumpkin-sunflower centerpieces by Kelley.

Amy in my kitchen, baking pies with her eyes closed, calling mandatory coffee breaks, keeping me sane.  Some friends are life-sucking, and we need those friends, or else we would become lazy and selfish.  But  other friends are life-giving, like Amy and Tim, and we really need those friends. 

Charlie Brown.  Coffee with whole cream.  Bing Crosby.  Pine-scented Glade.  Ornament hooks lodged in the carpet.  Nutmeg.  Cooking spray.  Up-And-Down-The-River at the card table.  Mandarin orange peels everywhere.  Late-night laughter.  Teenagers in my home with cute hair.

Poinsettias in the entryway.  Jubilee on dish duty.  Zion in an Indian headdress.  Popcorn poured all over the table.  Little House on the Prairie.  Construction paper.  Ginger.  Pollution index.  Terrycloth robes.  Lists.  Place cards.  Facetime calls.
And finally, this pic was taken this afternoon.  Bright and Zion are learning the local language from an adorable little newlywed named MengMeng.  Teacher and pupils took their picture together after class today by our tree.  Holding two fingers in the air for a photo, by the way, is a VERY indigenous thing to do.

I love November/December in East Asia.  And I love that my kids can read more Chinese characters than I can.  Thanks a lot, MengMeng;)