November 21, 2013

man of the house

We've entered a stage of our lives that takes Daniel away from home for 3-4 days at a time, while his perfectly calm wife stays behind and cares patiently for their four angelic children.


The thing is, no amount of extra stress on me matters when Daniel LOVES what he is currently doing.  How many married dudes can actually say that?

And besides, our 8-year-old assumes the role of man-of-the-house when Daddy is away.  Watching him act sooo big makes my heart swell nearly to bursting.  Yesterday Bright kept telling his siblings, "Guys, let's have manners at the table," and "Guys, Mama doesn't feel well today.  Let's not keep asking her so many questions."

Then when evening came, Bright decided we would have a B1BLE study in the living room.  He read aloud from the book of Jude and we all listened reverently.  He also led us in an interesting discussion about spiritual gifts, and when we got stuck on a question about hospitality, he took it upon himself to ask Siri.  Siri did not have the answer.

I love my little man-of-the-house! (The brown-eyed tough guy, fourth boy from the left.  The cutie in glasses is our vice man-of-the-house)