November 01, 2013

up and running

It's back.  My internet, that is.  And boy have I missed it.

Yesterday my Cambodian-French hairdresser cut off three inches and gave me some bangs.  In addition, my mom and mother-in-law (who just so happen to be VISITING!!!!) paid for highlights.  It feels very nice to have a new look.

The mister likes it.  My mom likes it.  The only person who doesn't like it is Zion, who bawled like a baby when he saw me and said, "I want you back the way you were!"

We've all been having a blast with Grandma and Momo.  I don't know how my mom gets prettier and prettier with each passing year, but she does.  I do miss my dad, but he seems to be fine back in Michigan, cooking all his stinky, spicy food that Mom can't stand, watching ball games on TV, and hanging out with my little brother, bachelor to bachelor. 

Meanwhile, here in East Asia, the kids will dress up and go trick-or-treating tonight.  I made Katelyn's sour cream pound cake, which I plan to ice in the semblance of a pumpkin for the after party at our complex community center.  I can't believe October has already come and gone...