November 20, 2013

pink-haired llama

The zoo in our city is awesome; rundown and creepy, but totally awesome.

Admission cost is the equivalent of just over 3 US dollars for adults, while kids are free!  The cages (and a very large tortoise) date back to the 70s, as do many of the buildings on its campus.  What is most impressive about our zoo, though, is how WELL the animals are cared for.  No doubt they receive the freshest meat and vegetables every day, as well as supplements made from herbal health remedies.  Heck, they might even undergo the cultural cure-all, acupuncture.  Who knows?  One thing is for certain: Daniel and I have never seen happier, healthier, wilder, more alert, more energetic, more spectacular beasts in all our lives.  It was just plain FUN to be there.

And perhaps the very best part of all was the hokey and hilarious photo booth.  In particular, the props.

There was a camel, of course:

An overly accessorized miniature horse:

And for group shots: a swing with a tethered peacock, a stuffed monkey, and a pink-haired llama.  Yes, the peacock and llama are real.  The monkey, and the blue sky with puffy white clouds, are not.
 (I don't know...the pic's not half bad.  If it weren't for that poop-pan under the bird, we might just send you all a copy for your refrigerators back home;)