November 13, 2013

These twig fire years

Not too long ago, my six-year-old asked me, "Mama, what is TV?"

Yeah.  I know.

My kids may not be able to tell Dora the Explorer from Polly Pocket, but they can tell you how to stoke a twig fire beneath an iron wok.

You probably won't see them throwing in a soccer ball from the sidelines, but you just might find them climbing through a November fruit tree in search of a certain type of citrus which is used in medicinal tea.

Our four little ones don't carry book bags, lunch money, or gym shoes, but last weekend they all carried armfuls of fresh-picked winter vegetables to the table.

And my husband, who has never even cooked from a box of Hamburger Helper, was seen stir-frying pork under the watchful eye of our friend/party host.

So even though our kids would trade places with your kids in a second, our hope is that someday, Bright, Zion, Brave, and Jubilee will look back on these twig fire years and thank G0D for them. 

Daniel and I sure will.