November 04, 2013

A breather

Trick or treating - and the huge party that followed - left us all dazzled, buzzing, and exhausted.
Bright (far right) and Brave wanted to be Ninjas, Zion a Tae Kwon Do fighter, and Jubilee a Chinese girl.  Her costume was easy:)
With all of that fun behind us, it was time for a breather.

Daniel and I hadn't been away for the night in years, so when our mothers offered to keep the kids for us this weekend, we readily agreed.

We started our getaway at the the VIP theater, where we saw the new Wolverine movie.  We were served hot lemon tea in our reclining leather chairs, and we loved the movie.

Dinner?  The Lazy Pug, of course.  I have discovered that I am fructose malabsorbent (too much to say about that, but feel free to look it up), and for the last six months I've been living on rice and milk.  An enzyme called Digest Spectrum came in Mom's luggage last week, per my research and request, and low and behold the stuff works!  So I am back to eating things like Lazy Pug ribs!  Hallelujah!

Next up, a stroll through one of the Old Town streets in our city, where we enjoyed a bit of the ancient past.

A strong resemblance.

The next morning, we headed to Starbucks, where I ordered the salted caramel mocha (duh) and Daniel a frappuccino.  We sipped our drinks and played Ticket to Ride on his phone.

The getaway was exactly what all of us needed.  The hotel was wonderful, the time with Daniel was AWESOME, and the grandma time for the kids was priceless.

And then...just as soon as we got back...all eight of us joined our friends Moose and Jessie for hotpot dinner, where my eldest son chewed, gagged, chewed again, and finally swallowed a large slice of boiled intestine.  Way to go, Bright!

Here we are, three generations of women!  Our bellies are full of spicy livers, jiggling esophagus, and crisp, delicious lotus root.  Our hearts, however, are full of gratefulness and love. xoxo

And we have a whole week left to enjoy our precious mothers!  What a gift this time has been.