November 29, 2012

my friend Zak

Hello, this is Bright E. Rupp, the son of Kayla Rupp. I am 7 years old. I have just learned to type; and this is my first blog post! First, I am going to tell you the story about Zak. First of all, I know you are wondering who Zak is; he is an alien(stuffed animal) from the star(star not planet) Zuum. I ordered him with my tooth money. I had made a welcome-home sign two days ago, and his arrival all started when a package came: my mom said "If Zak is not in this package he will be in the next one." Well, I found a small box that said in big letters: open here. so I did. Inside was a bag. I 93% knew what would be in it. So of course I opened the bag and that was the very first time I saw Zak in real life. Now, I also had another alien named Jupiter from Jupiter. There is a story about him too and that is hole another story, but I will tell you anyway. It all started when grandma was knitting a teddy bear for Brave R. Rupp. But when Jupiter came, a note came with it; it said: 'Sorry! The teddy bear is green like an alien!' But we liked him as an alien so we named him Jupiter and he was our alien!
So Jupiter mite have also been desperately wanting Zak to come home!