November 27, 2012

a teddy bear in my bed

Daniel is out of town for the week, which means that one of my major appliances will break and one of the kids will what?  That's right.  Get sick. 

This week it is Bright's turn, apparently.  He has been having respiratory issues lately.  When he gets a cold, it goes right to his chest and affects his breathing, giving him a relentless cough which keeps him up at night.  Daniel's absence this week is a bit convenient, actually, as Bright fits right in bed with me where I can listen to his breathing.  Two nights ago, when he was at his worst and there was not going to be a wink of rest between us, we just said forget it and I popped popcorn and we propped the portable DVD player on the comforter and we watched The Sound of Music in bed together.  It was a lovely memory with my son which you won't catch me ever forgetting.

The next morning, I took these two pictures.  My brother, Jack, gave the teddy bear to me as a present when I was a girl, and now he belongs to Bright and goes by the name of Tree Trunk.  Tree Trunk has been bunking up with me these past few nights as well.  I guess he and Bright are a package deal.  It makes me think of my little brother and I like every bit of it.
Today, I am happy to report that the antibiotics and breathing treatments are kicking in and Bright is feeling much better.  Well enough to grab the camera, anyway, and take this picture of George Fuzzy eating celery, his favorite snack, while wearing a cowboy hat.