November 07, 2012

George F. Rupp

We all make those promises to our animal-loving toddlers.  "When you are seven," we say, "you may have a pet."

Then, in the blink of an eye, that toddler is seven and it turns out that children remember every single thing we say.

Meet our new pet.  A large, docile, 2-month-old bunny.  The children have named him George Fuzzy, and he isn't half bad, if you ask me.  He doesn't bark, he doesn't mind being in his cage (in fact, he rather prefers it), he eats very little and he is gentle and slow-moving.  We are pleased to have George Fuzzy!  A warm thanks to "Uncle John" for bringing him in from the great bunny warehouse - or wherever it is that Uncle John gets these bunnies for all the kids around here.  He's a regular bunny stork, that John G:) long will George live?  How large will he grow?  How long before I am tired of emptying his poop-and-pee tray? (Just kidding about that last one, George).

We shall see.  We shall just see.