November 01, 2012

Carrie and Kody

Well, Kody might not have sent me a pic of himself in a Halloween costume, but he certainly has made the blog this month!  Today we opened a care package from him and his sweet girlfriend, Carrie!  We were more than thrilled to pull a box of Strawberry frosted Poptarts, a bag of Tootsie rolls, two awesome science toys, and a stack of trucker trading cards (my brother is a trucker) from the belly of a banged-up box.  Those boxes get worked over on their way across the world.  Thankfully, Uncle Kody has a girlfriend (I could stop there, but I'll continue) who carefully filled the empty space with plastic bags so that nothing was damaged.  Carrie coming into our family has more than filled the empty space.  She is wonderful, just wonderful, and we are happy to have her!

Thanks, Carrie and Kody, for the thoughtful package!  We feel cared for, that's for sure.  We miss you both very much.