February 29, 2012

The courage to talk

How do you learn a language in 6 months?  I know the answer to that question.  You must hang out with a person exactly your size for 12 hours a day and never stop talking.
This method has worked smashingly for her.
And this guy surely appreciates the company (and audience).
Of course, they don't always get it right.  For example, Jubilee will announce that she is going into the chicken to get a glass of water.  She begs to ride the alligator up and down at the mall.  She wants me to roll up her sleeps when she is about to wash her hands (so she doesn't get them wet).
And that brings me to the real way to learn a language.  Go for it.  Throw those words out of your mouth, and don't wait until you know exactly what you are doing before you try.  If you wait too long, you'll be a dumb house marm like me, still relying on your husband to order the pizza after almost four years of living in my new country.

Maybe one day I will learn to take cues from my daughter, and I will roll up my sleeps and get over myself.

Because life is too short to stay silent.