February 11, 2012

The view from here

Momo has arrived!

Jubilee met her for the first time, just one day before we all headed west in our green van for a week-long thing we had to do in one of the cutest little towns in Asia.

The trip went well except for a stomach virus that ravaged many of us, including our little Jubilee.  She puked her way home through the mountains today, poor little girl, requiring us to stop 4-5 times to mop her off.  It was our first time cleaning her vomit, and it was sentimental, in a gross sort of way.  Daniel's exact words were, "A kid's not really yours until you've had your hands in her throw up."  There is truth in that.
Jubilee and Momo are doing well with their bonding.  Jubi has confused Momo with her personal assistant, however, (not surprising) and tells her what and when and where.  We all think our little girl is coming out of her "shell" more and more every day, especially with all the grandparent-love she has been getting in the past month.  She knows all her colors now, and a few shapes, and how to boss her big brothers, though I think she would call it loving concern.  Things like, "Don't fall down, Bright," and "Use two hands, Brave" frequently come out of her mouth.  Mommy DEFINITELY has a little helper.
We are glad to be home now, after all of our mid-winter travels.  The kids are ready for some routine, and some school work.  Daniel is ready for the spring semester, and some home cooking.

I am ready to collect my thoughts.

A lot has taken place around here since August, and it looks like a lot will be taking place in the near future (more on that later, though I will say it has NOTHING to do with acquiring more children).

For now, we will have our dear Momo sleeping on our couch for two more weeks, my grandmother's tuna-cheese-biscuit casserole for dinner tomorrow, and a little sleep tonight.

And a fresh dose of His mercies in the morning.