February 16, 2012

hosting momo

Rather than ranting on my blog during the spare 25 minutes each day that my CRAZY schedule allows me, I have been hosting my mother-in-law.  Happily, I might add.  She is wonderful.

Yesterday we went to our neighborhood market to buy fixins for dinner.  Scalloped potatoes with ham and roasted carrots was on the menu.  The kids were worn out from morning recess and hungry for lunch, so we let them hitch rides.  All four of them.  Good thing Momo had her camera!
I chose the largest, plumpest strawberries for our lunch.
My three youngest kids LOVE steamed buns, which are readily available in and around the market building.  I bought five of them to hold them over.
As usual, we had spectators.  These friendly ladies we both confused and excited by my little crew.
Dinner came together, with Nutella for dessert.  Good times hosting Momo!