February 17, 2012

Whatever floats my boat

Inspired by Pioneer Woman's latest "confessions" post, in which she makes a massive list of all the things she loves, I made a rough compilation of my own.  It is not exhaustive, and is in no particular order.

Diet Coke
Marvel Comics movies
My husband's gait
Long shadows
Symphony performances
The smell of a new book
The smell of an old book
Spaghetti and meatballs
Loretta Lynn
The New Testament
My parents
Chaco sandals
Pound cake with black coffee
A red face from playing a whole game of soccer
Writing anything
Sore muscles from a long, backcountry trek 
Cooking anything
Toby Mac
Allison Hilliard
From-scratch chocolate cake
My husband's smile
Dancing wildly when absolutely no one is looking
My daughter's beauty
Sharpened colored pencils
Lake Michigan in July
The smell of the inside of a tent
Fall leaves
Watching a professional fight
The smell of rain on pavement
Christmas music
"Fried Green Tomatoes"
Fishing when the fish are biting
Fishing when the fish aren't
A quiet house
Human kindness
A good cry
My husband's way with people
Grand finales
Phone calls from my brothers
Wiping down the dinner table while my sons wrestle
Liz Sharda
Caramelized onions
Speed boat rides
Herb stuffing
Downhill skiing
Bargain shopping
Positive pregnancy tests
Bootcut jeans
Cigarette smoke (for nostalgic reasons)
Thai food
Korrie, Candace, and Lydia
Mango sticky rice
Hay rides
Clausen pickles
Vintage kitchens
Food magazines
Reeses peanut butter cups
Fresh basil
Building a snow fort
Climbing a tree
Sitting in a tree for hours
Darci Long's pretty face
The smell of fresh-cut grass
Horseback riding
Rock concerts
Playing flag football
The lumps in my Cream of Wheat
Road trips
Interesting people
Broken people
Sour Patch Kids
Rootbeer floats