February 13, 2012


Hearts have been a big part of our lives these past two years.

Magnetic hearts.

Hearts to bring a "smiyll."

Big hearts.


Good hearts.
Uncle Jack.

Uncle Kody.

An incomplete heart.
A fighting heart.
A stilled heart.

Broken hearts.

Warrior hearts.
Kerry and Glory.

 Hearts of young love.

Kayleigh and Bright.

Even hearts to eat.

"Love" has been redefined for us in the past two years.   It isn't about shared surnames, or shared gene pools, or even shared countries of origin.  A family isn't a group of people who've chosen each other.  In fact, most of us would have liked to have chosen some other group of people, from time to time.  But that is the beauty of love.  We may not have chosen each other, but we have chosen to love each other, forever, no matter what. 

Mine is a heart of gratefulness this Valentine's Day.