March 02, 2012


Baked a chocolate cream cheese bundt cake today.  Took a hot bath.  Taught Jubilee not to laugh when other people are crying.  Not sure if she got it.  Watched my husband cry today.  Heard him complimented for being a good leader.  Couldn't agree more.  Wrote three letters to my son today.  Read three letters from him.  Cried.  Had my water turned off today.  Not an uncommon occurrence around here.  Made Amy Hedden's Toffee Bars today.  Ate three of them.  Remembered why we are here.  Cried again.  Read my kids six books today.  Applauded Bright for finally memorizing 8 + 8.  Assured Bright he IS a good boy and he DOES deserve a piece of chocolate cream cheese bundt cake.  Lured him out of timeout with a strawberry.  Read my kids two chapters from a book called "The Chocolate Touch."  Asked Bright if he said his prayers.  Looked at old pictures of my parents today.  Wondered what makes a person want to be vegan.  Made macaroni and cheese with cut-up hot dogs today.  Kissed Brave's chapped cheeks a thousand times at least.  No wonder they are chapped.

Ate four Tums.
Maybe I should look into the whole vegan thing.
Blogged, if you can call it that.
Went to bed.