March 07, 2012


One can learn a lot about a person's personal and social life by reading their text messages.  Here are a few of the texts that I have received in recent days.
"Ordering cheese and butter tomorrow.  Need any?"

"Tomorrow morn we will have gym class again!  Taking my che [electric bike] and all my kids to field right past ren min lu.  There is prob a bus that goes near.  Let me know if u can join us!"

"I love you.  You're going to make it.  It's going to be ok.  The kids are doing really well.  Remember your job is to love them, everything else will take care of itself.  I'm proud of you baby."

"Need a cooler that will hold two 5 liter Tubs.  Anyone have one that big?"

"Hi.  Can i bring by some mail today for daniel to give to the vt?"

"What's the name of the best dish at beruit?  John wants to know.  Thanks baby."

"Date night?"

"Anyone interested in some fresh milk straight from the cow?  50 for 2.5 liters.""

"We are in courtyard playing come down!"

"Hi.  The milk guy will only sell if we buy 10 liters total.  There are 3 of us that want it.  Is a little over 3 liters too much for you?  About 66 kuai."

"Going out to play in courtyard.  Bringing sand/rice table to play w.  Join us if u can!"

"The party has been moved.  Teresa's Pizza (The one on the corner) on WenLinJie @ 5:00p.m."

"Hey baby, can you check on people with Celiacs and rice?  Love you!!!!"

"Do you know who we are studying tomorrow night?  Tamar or Eve?"

"You guys are such a blessing to us.  Thanks for filling our bellies and hearts tonight!  See you this summer."