March 19, 2012

human kindness

One of my favorite songs of all time is Bette Midler's "I think it's going to rain today."  I'm sure it is purely nostalgic.  It brings me back to the 80's, when I was eight, and my best friend, Michelle, and I would spoon on my mother's brown couch and cry our way through our 24th viewing of Beaches.

But I just love that term, human kindness.  It implies that humans can be kind, if we try, and we will be kind, if we are inclined, and we should be kind, if we're going to achieve any of the goals JE$US laid out for us.

The arena where I struggle with kindness the most is with my children.  I get to thinking, if I'm not careful, that these little people are mine.  Mine, to treat any way I want, like property.  But they are not.  They are G0D's, and like all of G0D's creatures, they deserve respect.  They deserve human kindness.

So this morning, I pulled up Bette Midler's song on youtube and blasted it through the house as I drank my strong coffee with a splash of cream and 3/4 of a packet of Equal.  I played it through three times, as I spread jam on shortcake for the kids and as I told Jubilee for the thousandth time not to talk with her mouthful.  When I looked at her - when I looked at each of them - I thought about them as people, fellow inhabitants of this earth, who are just trying to make their way alongside everybody else.  Who am I to be anything to them but kind?