March 13, 2012

straight from the cow

You are looking at 2.5 liters of pure white milk, straight from the cow.  Sound like no big deal?  Think again.  It has taken us years to find this stuff.  Years.  That is a long time to go without the taste of real milk.

I know at least one guy who is very happy about it.
The farmer said it would go bad by Saturday, so we went out and bought boxed cereals (a big splurge here) and we've been eating nothing but Apple Rings and Marshmallow Mateys.  Yesterday, after his first bite from his third bowl in a row, Daniel actually threw his head back and sighed.

Too bad we found this milk two months before leaving for America, after which time we are probably moving to a new city in East Asia.  Looks like we'll be having cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from now until May!