September 12, 2011

Would you help us adopt Jubilee?

Hi, it's Daniel.  A lot of people ask me, "Where did you guys get the money to adopt?"  It's a good question.  The average Chinese adoption costs more than $30,000.  That's a lot of money and certainly not the kind of cash we have sitting around.  We keep (or I should say "used to keep") a six thousand dollar emergency fund on hand.  That's been spent plus some.  We borrowed five thousand from our parents in a pinch (they're good sports).  We were awarded a matching grant early on that some of you gave to, which ended up blessing us with about eight thousand dollars.  We're working on tax credits, a health insurance kick back, and I met a student the other day who could possibly help me sell my kidney on the black market.  I'm not kidding.  Though I'm also hoping it doesn't come to that.

Basically, we didn't do this because we had the cash on hand.  We did it because she needed a Momma to put a pink bow in her hair.  When her musical-wind-up-tea-pot stopped working this afternoon, she needed a Daddy to fix it.  She needed a home.  And while we may not have a lot of cash, we've got one of those. 

What we'd like you to consider is helping us with the cash part.  LifeSong for Orphans is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of Family Christian Stores.  They've blessed us with a $3,000 matching grant.  Which means that anything we raise up to that amount, by November 20th, will be doubled by them!  It's a HUGE blessing, and if the tax credit works out the way we're hoping, this $6,000 would cover almost all of our remaining expenses surrounding the adoption.

Would you help us adopt Jubilee?  You can Click Here, or on the link that we've put on our side bar, to give.  It takes you to LifeSong's giving page.  All gifts are tax deductible and every penny goes to us.  You can give in just about any form you'd like, just be sure you specify that you are giving to "Daniel and Kayla Rupp's adoption."  THANKS guys.  Really.