September 14, 2011

working with construction (paper)

As it turns out, one does not need peace and quiet to cut and configure toilet-paper-stuffed prehistoric sea life.  So, while the demolition next door continues to rattle our brains, we are building an ancient aquarium, of sorts.  Most boys like dinos, I understand that, but my boys like dinosaurs' tiny, underwater counterparts.  Bright reads everything, and I do mean everything, and then teaches all of us about what he reads; then we build replicas. 
Meet "Terry" our pet pterygotus.

Meet "Armlots" our pet michelinoceras.

Meet "Max" our ammonite.

On a side note, can you tell that this is Bright's favorite shirt these days?  I am letting him dress himself now, and since we rarely leave our address, it doesn't much matter what he wears.  I told him the other day that we should try to match our tops with our bottoms, if possible.  He asked why.  I said that it's important to look like we care about ourselves.  He said, "Mom, the B1BLE tells us we should hate our lives."  Grrrrr.  Don't teach your kids to read too early.  Seriously.