September 27, 2011

to carry on

Dear Friends and Family,

Glory is in the hospital, after having been at home for some months with her lively, dinosaur-loving sister; her awesome mommy and daddy; and her grandma-extraordinaire.  She had a heart cath done recently to check the progress on that one stubborn artery (the one we are all waiting on to grow so she can have her next big heart surgery), and the cath yielded disappointing results.  The stubborn artery is not growing like it needs to be, so there can be no surgery for now.  The waiting commences.

In the mean time, however, the doctors are going to perform a different surgery, in an attempt to give that artery every advantage to grow.  That surgery will be in a couple of weeks.  It will be a hard surgery for Glory, and it will not be "the one" that she desperately needs.  She can not go home now.  She will remain in the hospital until the surgery, because her oxygen is too low.  Her heart is trying its best, but she only has half of it, you remember, and it has been operated on several times.  Everything hinges now on the growth of that artery, and the fighting spirit of our precious Glory Girl, and the will of G0D.

Please pray.

Also remember Glory's family in your prayers, especially her mommy, my all-star sis-in-law, Kerry.  I will never understand what she has been through, and continues to go through.  Those of us moms who worry about our kid's stuffy noses (that includes me) need to be carrying Kerry right now.  She needs to carry on, and sometimes, carrying on is not all that easy to do.

For His Glory,