September 30, 2011

"The Heart" has a brain, too

We like to kid around that G0D gave us one child of every flavor: The Brains, The Heart, The Braun, and The Beauty.  It is not that cut-and-dry, though, of course.  For example, The Heart, pictured here at our school table, has a pretty darn good brain.  He just turned four in May, and is reading at a late kindergarten level.  He does his big brother's math when we're not looking.  He reasons like a kid twice his age.  Don't be fooled by his charm and his sentiment; he is thinking way harder than anyone knows.  He might look like he is standing off to the side chewing his nails, but he is taking it all in.  Between his way with people and his sharp mind, I predict politics, or business, or perhaps the leader of a world-wide movement of change?  For now, however, we'll continue to type-cast him as "The Heart."  Its easier that way.

p.s.  Glory's surgery went well!  Praise G0D.