September 23, 2011

Thank you for giving!

Though we've not yet met our goal, I couldn't wait any longer to say a big "Thank you!" to all of you who have given to our Lifesong grant so far.  We are that much closer to wrapping up the financial side of Jubilee's adoption.  We are SO thankful that you felt moved to give on behalf of this amazing child.  We have your names and will be sending each of you a personal message (on a card which was handmade by a deaf Chinese woman), but please except this general extension of gratitude in the mean time.  May you be blessed as you peek in our blog over the years and watch our little girl (who you helped bring home) become the woman G0D intended her to be. 

For now, she is a giggling 26-month-old who loves music, routine, kissing and hugging, Nerf guns, salmon cereal, her mommy's Coke Zero, folding and putting things away, Band-Aids, and her family.  We feel so honored that G0D has chosen us to be her mommy and daddy!