September 09, 2011

looking ahead

Is it a crime to look to the future with a longing that could walk around on its own if you put shoes on it?  If so, then I am going to prison.  For a long time.  I might actually welcome prison at this point.  Three squares a day (that I don't have to cook), time to work toward a masters degree, and nobody needing me to wipe their butt.

Daniel and I have started dreaming about our golden years.  I am most looking forward to the quiet mornings.  He is most looking forward to sleep.  We talk about the big salads we will eat for dinner, and the long walks we will take, and the weekends with the grandkids.  We talk about nights that won't end with me crying into my pillow, anticipating 7 a.m. the next morning.

Kids, if you're reading this years from now, please know that you were desperately loved.  In fact, our love for you is the reason we are so exhausted right now.  We are putting everything we've got into this business of raising you.  These are the most important and precious days we will ever live.

And yet, we will be a tiny bit happy to see them go.