March 10, 2011

written in the book of life

On March 9, 2011, Bright Eugene Rupp was baptized by his father in the family bathtub.
 Then his mama made him a "book of life" cake.
Then he got to open a gift to celebrate, because a kid has got to have a present on his re-birthday!

And the whole time, I just tried to keep myself from crying so he wouldn't get squeamish.
Not surprisingly, in the 24 hours since, Bright has never been "naughtier."  I guess the devil is pretty ticked off that he lost Bright Rupp.  He must know that Bright is going to cause trouble for him in the years to come. 

Welcome to the land of the living, my son.  Life is not easy, even for (and sometimes especially for) those who have JeSus.  Just remember that He promises never to leave you or forsake you, and He will be your reward in the end.

And we are behind you, praying you on, every single step of the way.