March 12, 2011

a Saturday in March

Even when sons aren't being baptized, and beloved baby cousins in childrens' hospitals are stable, there are still interesting things to note, things that we will want to remember someday. 

This particular Saturday in March included:

-rising before the kids to read Luke 13-22
-a lettuce sandwich for Bright's breakfast, just like Uncle Wiggily Longears eats in the storybooks
-a phone call from my dad to make sure we weren't affected by the seismic activity
-me looking at the news after my dad's call, staring in crushed awe at the devastation in neighboring Japan
-me coddling a sick 5-year-old, both of us wishing he had not eaten the lettuce sandwich
-me coddling my sick self, wondering how it is that we ALWAYS get sick when daddy is out of town
-playing with play-doh while listening to Hillsong
-dragging out every matchbox car we own until the living room looked like a scrap yard
-picking at our Kraft macaroni and cheese lunch (we bring the sauce packets from America in bulk)
-consenting to head outdoors before naps in hopes that some fresh air and sunshine would do our bodies good
-praying together under a tree for Japan and the old woman who was screaming at and shaming her young grandson for all the courtyard to see
-thinking about Jubilee and pulling up her pictures for the umpteen millionth time
-washing the pig hairs from the pork loin I bought yesterday and packaging it up for the freezer
-cleaning our two fish bowls (I'm sure Nemo and Goldie would thank me if they could talk)
-teaching Bright how to sort words alphabetically, how to properly write a lowercase k, why flamingos sing to their young while still in the egg, and which numbers are odd verses even (our school week runs Tuesday through Saturday)
-taking all three kids to dinner by myself, wondering if it would have been easier to make a mess in my kitchen
-stopping on the corner to buy a head of purple cabbage for the science experiment we forgot to perform during school
-discovering that acidic substances will turn the purple cabbage water pink.  Fascinating!
A Saturday in March.