March 29, 2011

Please pray for my friends

Here is my friend Josh.  I met him at a youth group event at Kollen Park when I was 10.  This is his wife, Kari, and their daughter, Stella.  They live in California.

They need your prayers!

Kari fell last week on her belly.  She was 38 weeks pregnant.  Their baby girl, Margot June, didn't make it.  She was stillborn at the hospital 30 minutes later.

Now Kari is suffering from renal failure.  Her kidneys continue to worsen.  The doctors are saying that because of her age and health, she will probably pull through with dialysis, but she could be in the hospital for days, weeks, or even months.  

Please join me in praying for Kari's body to heal as quickly as possible.  Her milk came in today for Margot.  Oh, the bottomless well of grief they must be feeling!  Please pray that their hearts will be comforted during this time.  You can read Josh's breathtaking words on his blog.

Updates are being posted at Kari's parents' church website.  Also, if you feel so inclined, visit the site below, set up by friends of the Jacksons, to find out how you can support them: