March 27, 2011

puke in my hair and a song in my heart

Reason #3,567 for you not to leave suburban America, EVER:  Your water might get turned off for two days.  No one tells you why.  Your neighbors are in the same fix.  There is nothing any of you can do about it.  The water, and its supply to your dwelling, are controlled by the government and you should be grateful that they let you have water as often as they do.  Right now, however, you are not feeling grateful, because the government has chosen the very days your kids have a stomach virus to shut off your water.  There are barfy linens piled up in your laundry porch turning into a science experiment.  There are many loads of unhealthy fecal deposits in your toilet, stinking up your small apartment.  There is crusty vomit in your baby's hair.  There are dishes piled up because you can't go out to eat when everyone is sick.  You needed a shower BEFORE the water got shut off, and now that you smell like your 1-year-old's regurgitated roasted goat cheese and corn, you can stand yourself no more.  You would open the windows but its too cold.  You would call a sitter and go out with your husband but no sitter wants to catch this stomach virus and your selfless mother, who would gladly come relieve you, is on the other side of the world.

Reason #7,421 to get out and do exactly what we are doing:  Three young ladies were added to the book of life this week. 

Barf on me again, world, I don't care!  I have springs of living water that will never run dry.
Hey look, its Tina!