March 17, 2011

He's only 5 once

"I'm going to be the farrest astronaut in the world.  I'll go to the end of space in a spacecraft which has 2 google gallons of fuel.  I'll bring 220 foods made from grain, 50 cream, 30 cheese, 100 fruits, 90 vegetables, and 50 desserts.  I'll bring only 50 deserts because I don't want to have too much.  I'll bring a big empty aquarium with water in it to drink.  It'll be 320 gallons of water.  When I get to the end of space, I believe I'll see a big black dark wall.  Then I'll turn around and fly back and tell everybody and I'll put it on the news and have a big party."
-Bright Rupp, at the dinner table