June 10, 2010

Where it all began

Where did I begrudgingly go on Spring Break in my junior year of college when all of my friends were going to places like The Dominican Republic?

Where did I meet the handsomest guy I'd ever seen?

Where did I hear from G*d for the first (and only) time in my life, so clearly that I would have bet my mother's life on it?  (The message was, by the way, that the handsome guy mentioned above was going to be my husband, even though I had only known him for three days).

Where did I devour the New Testament like it was candy, reading it with seeing eyes for the first time in my life?

Where did I commit my life to G*d's work worldwide?

Where did I pick out my engagement ring with my new fiance (the handsome guy mentioned above)?

Where did I eat my first Chick-Fil-A sandwich and drink my first Sonic Cherry Lime-aide?

Where did I learn that Michiganders do have an accent?

Where is the best BBQ in the world made?

Where did Elvis live?

What city will we name our (future) family dog after?

What city did Marc Cohn sing about?

What is our favorite city in the world?

The answer, if you've not already guessed, to all of the above questions is Memphis, TN.

Pictured below are Daniel and I with our kids and two of our favorite people, David and Kelli Montague, with their two youngest daughters, at Rendezvuous in Memphis.  I probably have bits of THE WORLD'S BEST RIBS in my teeth in this post-dinner picture.  Every time we go to Memphis, like we did last week to speak about what we do in East Asia to the summer staff at the place that awakened us to G*d, we make it a point to eat at Rendezvuous.
And we make it a point to hang out with these people and much as we possibly can.