June 11, 2010

Rare gems

Right now Bright is trying to occupy himself with a cheese grater while I am trying to sneak in a blog and while Daniel and the little boys are napping.  Bright, thank you for being so gracious as to let me blog on these afternoons of your childhood.  You are a good boy.  Someday, when you have all this garbldy-gunk to read, maybe you'll be glad for it.

What was so important that I would sacrifice 20 minutes of time that I could be cuddling with my son in his Thomas underwear (which is the only thing he is still wearing today, and most days by 3 p.m.)?  Our recent outing to Fayetteville, of course, centered around two of our favorite subjects: food and friends.  In this case, both involve Asians (that's right, Alex, I am talking about you).

We went to our all-time favorite restaurant, which I have blogged about before, Taste of Thai, to eat our all-time favorite dish, Panang Curry, with Daniel's best college buddy, Alex Yu, and his wife of 9 years (that night), Betsy.  We had not seen the Yus since before we both starting having kids.  We had A LOT of catching up to do, which explains why we didn't get home until nearly 1 a.m.
Alex and Betsy are one of those couples who, given a completely different set of life circumstances, would be really, really close friends of ours.  We could do life with them - you know those people?  Its when your parenting styles mesh, your lifestyles mesh, and you share the same views on what is important and what is worth fighting for.  We could have talked with them until the sun came up. 
So thank you, dear friends, because I assume you'll be reading this eventually, for being who you are and for loving each other the way you do and for pouring into your kids the way you always will.  You will remain a beacon of light in a sea of compromise.  We love you so much!