June 25, 2010

Coming to a close

The fun is almost over.  Tomorrow is our last day in Arkansas.  We are more than excited about heading north to connect with our Yankee bloodlines and have all kinds of good times, but we are sad to part with friends and family here in Razorback country.

From Uncle Philip's secret-ingredient bar-b-qued ribs and Dick Tracy hot rods, to MoMo's swimming pool, to cartoons with Sue Sue, to Eliana's fantasy bedroom playland, there have been more memories crammed into two months than ice in a Sonic cup.

All of our training seminars have told us that our kids, though raised half a world away from their families, will have stronger and more vivid memories of their loved ones than most kids because of the nature of their time with them.  If there ever were three boys who enjoyed America more than mine have in these last 10 weeks, I would be very surprised.