June 15, 2010

The (gene) pool

Now that my parents no longer live in the house I grew up in (you don't even want to know how sad I am about that), MoMo and Sue-Sue's pool is the only chance for swimming the kids will get this summer.  We have been taking full advantage.

Bright can now touch in the shallow end.  Even though he is only in the 35th percentile of height and weight (we just had our pediatric checkups), he thinks he is a regular giant now that he can touch.
Bright might look cute and harmless in this picture, but don't try to give him his 5-year booster shots!  At the above-mentioned pediatric checkup, it took two nurses and myself to hold him down while he hollered like he was being castrated.  He squalled so loudly that he broke the blood vessels in his face, leaving his eyes surrounded with freckle-like dots.  I felt bad for him.  Being 5 for the first time (as if we ever get another chance) is not easy.  Sunday, he graduated to the kindergarten room for Sunday School.  He walked in, holding my hand, and said very loudly and with forced confidence, "MY DADDY IS MY BOYFRIEND AND MY MOMMY IS MY GIRLFRIEND."  For some reason, he thought that was the cool thing to say.

Zion, going back to the swimming pool, is a regular Jimmy Buffet.  He could float and chill all day long in his blue starfish innertube.
How did Zion score at the pediatric checkup?  6th percentile in height and 7th percentile in weight.  Way to go, ZiZi, you made your way onto the chart!

Then we have Brave.  He just loves the pool.
Brave is the biggest Rupp boy, sitting at the 50th percentile in height.  His head measured a little big for his body size, but he gets that from his dad.  I apologized to Daniel after the appointment for giving our sons the Vander Hoff short genes, but he basically said that a short son is just as good a kind of son as a tall one.  I don't know who would argue with that.