June 22, 2010

Asking for Glory

Please pray with us now, my friends.  The prognosis in Little Rock yesterday was not encouraging.  We have one month until Glory is born (July 22nd to be exact) which is a very long time for Kerry and Philip to wait.  Glory is still not swallowing.  The doctors were hoping to see improvement there.  The medical team is shifting gears now.  Her empty stomach might be pointing to an esophagus/trachea condition that is as great of a threat as her heart defect.  A baby with just one of these two conditions, they frankly reported yesterday, would be fighting for her life. 

In Kerry's words, "The heart doctor and surgeon seemed to think that her success will, in many ways, depend on the severity of the esophagus/trachea condition upon birth.  However, as [Philip's mother] said last night, that is not the only reason we have to hope…we will continue to hope, regardless of what the doctors tell us, because of who our G0D is."

Spoken like a true champion.  As a mother myself, I am blown away by Kerry's faith in and loyalty to the Author and Creator of all.  I have never known a stronger woman than my sister-in-law.

Please pray fervently for Glory Morton.  Pray for her body to have the strength to endure the surgeries and treatments she will need.  Pray for her heart to keep beating, for her lungs to keep breathing, until she is old and gray.  Pray that the dancing cutie-pie kicking and squirming with life in her two-hour ultrasound performance yesterday would dance like that on earth to the delight of her parents and big sister.  Pray for Kerry and Philip, that they will have strength and feel comforted in these remarkably difficult days.  Pray for Eliana, Glory's 3-year-old big sister, that she would have the peace she needs and know G0D is good.

Thank you.