June 07, 2010

The Birds and the (busy) Bees

Bright has been asking questions about babies and their origins.  I have been running screaming in the other direction changing the subject.

Then, this morning, I said something stupid:

I said, "Yes, I'm sure there are boy ladybugs, Bright, even though they have the word 'lady' in their name.  There couldn't be baby ladybugs, after all, without daddy ladybugs."

Small gasp. I stop in mid dish rinse, holding my breath and beating myself over the head in my mind.  I wait for his response, wishing Daniel were here.

He said, "That's right, Mama, because if there weren't daddy ladybugs, the mommy ladybugs would have too much to do."

Relief and a smile swept over me.  The role of the daddy in procreation remains, in his mind, one of helping mommy not be so busy.  Talks of insemination have been avoided for one more day.

I will, however, have to address his choosing to call himself "Dr. Drag" (when he is pretending to be a dragon doctor) and "Prick" (when he is pretending to be a porcupine).  At least its not as bad as the other day, when Daniel and I were standing in the kitchen having a minor disagreement about I can't remember what, and Zion ran through the room squawking, "Fock, fock, fock, fock" for some unknown reason. 

Does anyone have Dr. Dobson's home phone number?